(August 1, 2013) - Visual voicemail is now available for Cellcom Android devices. Cellcom Visual Voicemail allows users to view and manage voicemail messages directly from their Android smartphone. Customers are able to see a list of the messages on the phone, and select, in any order they choose, which ones they wish to play, call back, forward or delete. Benefits include being able to quickly get to the most important messages first or being able to delete unwanted messages without even listening to them. 

This app manages various voicemail functions, including:

  • View a list of all voicemail messages
  • Play messages in any order
  • Pause, rewind and fast-forward messages with on-screen controls while playing
  • Reply to voicemail messages by a call back or text message
  • Forward voicemail messages via email
  • Manage greetings directly on your device
  • Change voicemail password

The application can be found in the Google Play Store by searching Cellcom Visual Voicemail. It is available for free on Android operating systems 2.2 and above and to Cellcom customers who have received the latest upgrade to Cellcom’s voicemail product.

To learn more about visual voicemail, visit www.cellcom.com or the Google Play Store.   

Cellcom is an innovative wireless company that provides nationwide service for its customer base throughout Wisconsin and Michigan, with nearly 70 retail and agent locations. Cellcom is respected for its long-standing reputation of delivering extraordinary customer care, being a strong community partner, and for its renowned network, which is customized to its rural markets. As a subsidiary of Nsight, Cellcom is part of a family of companies offering complete telecommunications services.