Suamico, WI (November 1, 2017) – L.H. Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve has been selected as a 2017 Cellcom Green Gift recipient. The organization received a $1000 Green Gift from Cellcom to support its pond study program.

“At Barkhausen one of the more popular field trip program for schools, scouts, 4K groups, and homeschoolers; is the Pond Study program where participants use aquatic sampling nets to collect aquatic life from wetlands. In addition to students, families are able to use the same nets for no charge when visiting the park providing an enjoyable and educational experience,” said Jason Petrella, Program & Natural Resource Coordinator for Brown County Parks Department. “Given the frequency of use the nets often require repair or replacement and more nets are needed to meet demand with increasing class sizes. Purchasing more aquatic sampling nets will replace and enable Barkhausen to keep up with demand.”

There are many educational benefits of this program made possible with the use of aquatic sampling nets. Students not only learn about the wide variety of species living in even the smallest wetland but also how those animals play important roles in that ecosystem. They also learn how the health of a wetland can be determined by the aquatic animals collected. These nets allow students not only get valuable hands on educational experience but also gain knowledge that is brand new to them, expands their current knowledge, or reinforces concepts they are learning about in the classroom and become stewards for the environment.

L.H. Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve was among 33 green organizations that received a share of the $44,000 in Green Gifts from Cellcom this year. The Green Gifts program launched in 2010 and uses funds generated from Cellcom’s cell phone recycling program to fund green nonprofit initiatives. Customers and community members can bring in their old or unwanted phones to be reused and recycled. Cellcom sends the phones to recyclers who in return send money to Cellcom for the materials that were saved from the phones. Cellcom’s Green Gift program completes the green cycle that starts with consumers being environmentally-conscious and donating their devices.

“Our service area is fortunate to be teeming with non-profits that are creatively using their resources to help the environment though education and activism. Donating your phone allows us to contribute to their efforts through our Green Gifts program and ultimately work toward a greener tomorrow,” said Brighid Riordan, director of public affairs and customer experience initiatives at Cellcom.

Visit Cellcom’s website for the full list of winners. Cellcom is proud to support organizations of all sizes, whose work is impacting the community and building a greener tomorrow. The company’s recycling program has generated $310,975 for local charities over the past 14 years.


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