Crescent Elementary School gardens

Rhinelander, WI (October 26, 2017) – Crescent Elementary School has been selected as a 2017 Cellcom Green Gift recipient. The organization received a $1200 Green Gift from Cellcom to expand its school garden.

“Our mission is to teach children to sustain the earth and themselves. They learn to sow and harvest quality foods for healthy consumption, thus promoting the saving our planet and their bodies,” said Gayle Daniel, principal at Crescent Elementary. “Our school garden has been slowly expanding over the last two years. Each year we'd like to continue introducing more children to a variety of gardening techniques which they can successful replicate at their homes.”

The Green Gift from Cellcom will fund the addition of ten earth boxes so each class can maintain its own garden, along with additional plants and materials for planting. In addition to sustainable gardening and health lessons, the school garden allows teachers to connect multiple science standards to various learning units, including plant growth, nutrition, comparing of plant to animal cells and more. There are also some beneficial life lessons in the process.

“Because this is a school garden, we also discuss the importance of everyone taking time to help with the chores as it benefits all students,” said Daniel. “Last year a few of the Oneida County Master Gardeners came to our school to volunteer time with our students. This community connection, between the youngest in the community and the adults, is something that we cannot teach in school. It must be experienced and it has and we hope it will continue for many, many years.”

Crescent Elementary School was among 33 green organizations that received a share of the $44,000 in Green Gifts from Cellcom this year. The Green Gifts program launched in 2010 and uses funds generated from Cellcom’s cell phone recycling program to fund green nonprofit initiatives. Customers and community members can bring in their old or unwanted phones to be reused and recycled. Cellcom sends the phones to recyclers who in return send money to Cellcom for the materials that were saved from the phones. Cellcom’s Green Gift program completes the green cycle that starts with consumers being environmentally-conscious and donating their devices.

“Our service area is fortunate to be teeming with non-profits that are creatively using their resources to help the environment though education and activism. Donating your phone allows us to contribute to their efforts through our Green Gifts program and ultimately work toward a greener tomorrow,” said Brighid Riordan, director of public affairs and customer experience initiatives at Cellcom.

Visit Cellcom’s website for the full list of winners. Cellcom is proud to support organizations of all sizes, whose work is impacting the community and building a greener tomorrow. The company’s recycling program has generated $310,975 for local charities over the past 14 years.


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